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A little about me🧐

  • Personally, I find it easier to convey an idea through bullet points rather than conjugations, so here we go.

  • I'll also mention that comics and infographics help me a lot.

That's me illustration

From where?

Today I live in Curitiba, but I came from a city called São Carlos, which is in the countryside of São Paulo. I moved here because of college reasons. And although I'm still getting used to calling guys "meninos" and "piá," I really liked it here. There are comic book stores, cool cafes, and I found my dear group of friends.

Where I am from comic


In college, the word "design" was still somewhat nebulous to me. Internships here and there, jobs scattered around, I still wasn't sure what I wanted it to mean for me or what I really wanted to do. I knew that narratives had always been a part of me, but I didn't understand how that would be useful in design.

Amidst the pandemic, I stumbled upon UX, the intricacies of a design system to be exact. The team I was working with had several demands for many creative replications for Google ads and social media (the company was involved in launches). It was while trying to find a simpler - and automated? - way that I came across some Figma tutorials. They were tutorials on components, styles, among others, until I stumbled upon one about synchronizing components with spreadsheets, I found that brilliant. And more and more, I delved into this world until I found the little words "design ops" and "accessibility."

Volunteer Work

Oh, that's really cool, right?

I'm part of the RedHook creative community, which occasionally hosts the BlueHook event. It's a social event where creative professionals come together in a hackathon to help small businesses structure their own brand and communication with their target audience.

Now, within UTFPR, I'm part of IXDive, a group that aims to raise awareness of UX and UI within the university, while also encouraging dialogue on how we can use design as a response to oppression, both inside and outside the market.


Finally, I enjoy drawing and telling my little stories. That was one of the reasons I chose design in the first place. Even though always independently, I continue to make my comics in my spare time and share them on social media or on Notion pages. I also really like to put - and organize - my thoughts on Notion as well.

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